Wednesday, February 18, 2004

You can't have nice time

Published in Daily Times, Feb, 18, 2004

Re your editorial "Can’t we have a nice time?" (February 16, 2004).

The answer to your question is No, if you go by the ‘alims’, both online and off-line.

I think Faiz Ahmad Faiz, that master poet, beautifully captured the reaction of the killjoys in our society to anyone having good time in the following lines:

Faqeeh-e-shehr say mai ka jawaz kiya poochain
Keh chandni ko bhi hazrat haram kehtay hain
Nawa-i-murgh ko kehtay hain yeh zian-e-chaman
Khilay na phool isay intezam kehtay hain

Roughly translated this would mean: There is no use asking the mullahs whether drinking is permissible or not. In their books even the moonlight must be banned; the birds must not sing and the flowers may not bloom.



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